The First Place Series: Adam Witty, Advantage Media Group

In our First Place Series, the entrepreneurs featured in Growth in a Difficult Decadeshow us photos of the unusual places where they took their first steps to success. You can see the complete gallery here, and enter a competition to win £1000 of Regus products.

This is the flat where Adam Witty founded Advantage Media Group (in his spare bedroom). Seven years later, the custom publishing company has revenue of $3million and 10,000 square feet of office space.

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Hate commuting to work everyday? There is a better more flexible way to work. Ask us!
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Hate commuting to work everyday? There is a better more flexible way to work. Ask us!

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Asia abandons the office: Flexible workers are choosing to use our Businessworld centres to work on the go. For the cost of a coffee a day, instead of heading back to the office in between meetings, they can now pop into any of our strategic locations in the city. We have 1200 locations and many choices in all major cities across Asia, such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Bangkok, Tokyo, Mumbai, New Dehli.

Beijing or Shanghai for Business? Why Tianjin says neither:

The Economic Observer reported this week that Tianjin’s year-on-year GDP growth is almost double that of Shanghai. While Shanghai’s GDP was 1.92 trillion yuan last year, an increase of 8.2% over 2010 (with a ) per capita GDP (of) $12,784 , Tianjin’s GDP has reached 1.12 trillion yuan in 2011, an increase of 16.4% over 2010 (while) the city’s GDP per capita exceeded 80,000 yuan last year”.  

With an educated workforce (over 15 universities in the city alone!) and the considerably lower cost of living , Tianjin has attracted many foreign investments in a variety of key industries.  Have a look at what Tianjin China has to offer your business and how Regus can help you set up hassle free.

Stats taken from UK Trade& Investment 
Regus opens in Bourke Street Melbourne

Setting up your business in Melbourne? There isn’t a more attractive location than, 385 Bourke Street, positioned directly opposite the very popular Bourke Street Mall.  We can understand why the Melbourne Commonwealth Bank of Australia chose this building as their headquarters.  

The view from our new Regus centre on the 39th floor location is stunning, as the property is uniquely positioned on a 45 degree angle to the Melbourne CBD grid, giving the skyscraper a stunning 360 degree view.

Looking for an office in another area in Melbourne or in a different city? Check our website for more details.

Get to know Nagoya Japan

Only a short train ride from Tokyo, Nagoya is the hub for the Japanese automotive business—Toyota, Mitsubishi Motors’ R & D division, automotive suppliers such as DENSO, Aisin Seiki, Toyota Industries, JTEKT or Toyota Boshoku are all headquartered or located in this city.  Transportation powerhouses JR Central (which operates the Tōkaidō Shinkansen ) is also headquartered in Nagoya.  Aerospace and robot technology firms are also growing industries in the city.  
While Nagoya offers all the benefits and convenience of a big city , business costs are far less than that of Tokyo or Osaka.  With 2 international airports in the city, Nagoya is also easily accessible internationally.  Interested in setting up your business in Japan? Consider using the Regus Nagoya Hirokoji Garden Avenue Centre an eco-friendly building situated in the heart of the business district with convenient access to Nagoya Station and a large underground shopping area.

photo credit: Out of Harm’s Way by Altus via Flickr
Why are businesses moving to Shenzhen China?
Shenzhen is one of the most successful special economic zones in China.  As a key to Guangdong province (population 104+ million), Shenzhen is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as well as the headquarters of numerous high-tech companies.  It’s open economic environment is what attracts businesses from all over the world to set up in the city.
To cope with high demand, the new Regus New Times Plaza is convinently located at Shenzhen Shekou’s Sea World area, a highly populated commercial and financial district. Only a stone throw away from the border to Hong Kong the area is home to major banks, hotels and international schools.  

The area sees recent development by the local government as they seek to capitalize on the foreign flavor of the town and invested in a complete make-over of Sea World, turning it into a western-style entertainment area centered around the grounded Minghua ship, a 14,000 ton, 168 m long vessel built in 1962 as French president Charles De Gaulle’s private yacht.