In Manchester you’ve got connectivity. You’ve got the airport, you’ve got road transport and rail links. So it’s a great place to do business and a great place to connect with other businesses around the region, across the country and across the globe.

Brian Sloan is Head of Business and Economic Policy at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. He was talking with the city’s Key 103 radio station, as part its Making Business In Manchester series, supported by Regus. Manchester is home to nine Regus business centres

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The Appeal of a Flexible Workspace [Regus CEO on FOX BUSINESS]

Mark Dixon spoke with Charles Payne and Shibani Joshi, live on FOX BUSINESS, September 20, 2011, on his business model and plans for expansion

Charles Payne, FOX: Our next guest really has seen his company do very well — U.S. sales have tripled in the past three years. Joining me now is Mark Dixon of Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace. First of all, congratulations on a huge success. Secondly, explain to us: what is a flexible workspace?

Mark Dixon, Regus: Well, basically a flexible workspace is a fully-furnished office building, with all the support staff, with all the IT, which you can use for a day, an hour or have a branch office for a year. And they’re available all over the United States. We have about 500 buildings [in North America and more] in around 90 countries around the world.

Mark Dixon on FOX BUSINESS

Charles Payne: Mark, what’s driving this? Is it small entrepreneurs? When I started my company, I actually looked into using your workspace — and I actually have friends who do as well — is it the small entrepreneur or large businesses finding a use for your product as well?

Mark Dixon: Well, it’s both. We’re the natural home for small entrepreneurs but we’ve got companies who are growing quickly: companies like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, who grow around the world in months, are using our facilities. But also very large corporations looking to reduce costs by moving people to flexible working and providing work-life-balance for employees. So, it’s a win-win, whether you are growing or looking to reduce costs and gain flexibility in your business.

Mark Dixon on FOX BUSINESS

Shibani Joshi, FOX: Mark, there’s a lot of competition coming into your space, particularly from startups. I actually met the CEO of a startup company whose name actually escapes me right now, of course. They’re starting an online version of what you’re doing, using flexible office space across major metropolitan cities here in the United States. [They’re] getting backing from excel partners — and I still can’t remember their name but I’ll bring it up to you in just a second. How are you dealing with these smaller guys that are in theory offering the same sort of value proposition, even perhaps at a lower cost and have a lot less overhead? 

Mark Dixon: Well, I think; how we’re dealing with it: basically it’s a growing market. Our — as you said — our business has tripled over the last three years; we’re up to nearly a million users. And we expect that to grow into the future. There are about 75,000,000 flexible workers in the U.S. alone — so it’s a growing market; there’s lots of space. Where we’re different is, we have a national network. So that if you take an office in New York or Washington [DC] you can actually use offices all over the country but also all over the world. It’s a subscription to 1,100 buildings worldwide. You know, there’s no one else of that sort of size and that flexibility globally and nationally; that just isn’t there from the startups.  

Shibani Joshi: One of the things you have to manage is real estate prices. You know, that’s a sector that hasn’t done well, no matter where in the world you find yourself. How do you manage the dynamics of what’s happening with the commercial real estate industry and then also the fundamentals of what you’re trying to provide for entrepreneurs and big businesses, which is just room to grow?

Mark Dixon: For us it’s — we work in partnership with landlords, property owners, investors, all over the world and we’re really providing the middle wear between this growing group of flexible workers and real estate, which is a very fixed thing where companies and corporations are used to doing very large deals; they’re not very good at doing small deals. And remember, people are using us for maybe a drop-in for half-an-hour. A real estate company’s not very good at dealing with that. So we supply all of that to owners of real estate around the world and add value to what they have, provide them with cash flow and allow them to tap into this growing flexible work market. 

Mark Dixon on FOX BUSINESS

Charles Payne: Mark, you’re really one of the best-known entrepreneurs in Europe and lately we’re heard about consumer confidence plummeting, the IMF just lowered their outlook for the western world and their economies. Does your success though, however reflect that their’s something else going on — particularly in this country — that there are entrepreneurs that are still trying to achieve their American Dream and, in essence, that there’s still hope for our country?

Mark Dixon: There is definitely hope. I mean, good entrepreneurs aren’t, sort of, looking at the newspapers and saying everything’s bad. They’re investing. It’s a great time to be in business if you are investing. And some of the greatest businesses in the world today were established in recessions or depressions, in years past. It’s always a good time to get out there and actually do it. If you can raise the money and get on and do it then you should do that — that’s what we’re doing. 

Charles Payne: Mark, you’ve done it like nobody else. Congratulations on your success. The CEO and Founder of Regus.

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People looking for work, where they’ve got childcare responsibilities, perhaps will now need a flexible position to move into … [so] they can earn money to support the family.
Brian Sloan is Head of Business and Economic Policy at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce. He was talking with the city’s Key 103 radio station, as part its Making Business In Manchester series, supported by Regus. Manchester is home to nine Regus business centres
Live and work solutions for the mobile worker

Regus’ Businessworld membership program, giving the on-the-go business person access to workspace in 1100 locations worldwide, is attracting more and more parters. In fact, mobile workers — who are more likely to work from home or a business lounge rather than a Regus day office — now make up the majority of our customers.

Our latest partner, Oakwood, the global leader and provider of furnished and serviced apartments, is offering our U.S. and Canadian customers discounts of up to $3,000. Regus customers staying for three to six months in Oakwood’s studios or one and two-bed furnished apartments, are eligible for discounts (visit the Regus Purchasing Group website for more info).

Oakwood customers who stay for 30 days or more at any North America location gain access to Businessworld.

"This live and work solution enables more than cost savings. We are helping our guests be more productive and helping our clients realize the additional value of working with Oakwood on their global mobility programs."

- Howard Ruby is Chairman, Founder and COO of Oakwood

Visit the Calgary Herald to see the amazing skylines.

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Regus has two business centers in Calgary with another coming soon.

Locate your Business in Glasgow

From its historical status as a prominent international hub for commerce, to its ongoing re-generation, Glasgow is proving to be a growth business destination.

Glasgow is a fast-growing UK city, which has transformed itself from a heavy industrial powerhouse to a diverse business hub and Scotland’s largest urban economy. The city is home to a quarter of the nation’s largest businesses, which are based alongside 13,000 firms of all sizes. Although shipbuilding and marine technologies form a key sector still, the city now specialises in areas as broad as energy, creative, retail, tourism, food, drink, construction and life sciences.

Thanks to the International Financial Services District (IFSD) Glasgow is one of Europe’s 16 largest financial centres and many blue-chip banks, insurance and other finance houses have operations or HQs here. In fact, 8 out of the top 10 general insurance companies in the UK are based in Glasgow.

Contrary to belief, the city has some stunning architectural features and superb business support services and technology. Thanks to Glasgow City Council’s commitment to attract business, it has embarked on a comprehensive redevelopment strategy which has seen the regeneration of the Clyde Waterfront. It has also supported the development of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, the largest exhibition centre in the country, home to the Clyde Auditorium (aka The Armadillo) and the soon to be completed Scottish Hydro Arena.

Regus Glasgow The Beacon

Glasgow City Council also encourages the creation and growth of new business through a variety of support schemes. The Glasgow Business Loan Fund offers SMEs access to funds & loans for those businesses that have a sound proposal and can contribute to the city’s economy. Additionally, the city council, in partnership with the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, is helping local businesses to form international links, identify new customers and carry research into new markets, allowing your business to start in Glasgow and expand across the world.

And the support does not stop there. The upcoming Glasgow Business Week between 7th-11 November, is just one of the initiatives that provides great opportunities for businesses to flourish.

But its not just good for business. The city has the UK’s 2nd largest retail sector, ensuring you have anything you need at hand. For those of you interested in the arts, The Burell Collection should keep you entertained in its award winning building. And if you are still sceptical about Glasgow, the city is ranked in the Mercer top 50 safest cities in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us in Glasgow an ideal place for doing business.

Glasgow trivia:

  • The city has the 3rd highest GDP per capita of any city in the UK
  • Glasgow won European City of Culture in 1990
  • It has great international links as it is twinned with Marseille, Lahore, Turin, Dalian and Nuremberg amongst other cities
  • The city is a centre of higher education with no less then 4 universities in close proximity

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Regus Customer Case Study: Molson Coors International

The passion for world-class beer that lies at the heart of Molson Coors International is igniting across Europe as the European arm of the brewing giant sets its sights on expanding into 10 markets. Business has already tripled in three years as brands such as Carling (Britain’s best-selling lager), Coors Light and Cobra secure a loyal following on the continent.


Companies starting a business in new countries need the flexibility to grow, even when they are part of a major player in the global beer industry like Molson Coors. So when Dave McCarthy – the company’s Chief Commercial Officer in Europe – was asked to set up a business in Spain, finding flexible workspace was the main challenge. But having managed the business in Ireland from a Regus centre in Dublin, Dave knew where to find workspace that could be scaled up or down as required. Opting for Regus meant he didn’t have to spend all his time sorting out offices and facilities and he had the pick of locations closest to where the business
needed to be.

“When you are setting up a business you never know how it’s going to end up, whether you’ll need to get bigger or smaller: flexibility is the attraction of Regus”

“Outsourcing also means you can get on with the job in hand without handling the administration of your own place”

Dave McCarthy, Molson Coors’ Chief Commercial Officer – Europe


With an initial team of four, Dave’s first move to a Regus centre in Spain was to Barcelona but it soon became clear that Madrid would be more appropriate. Not only is it the capital of Spain but the Regus Campo de las Naciones centre is also close to Molson Coors’ Spanish partner and distributor. An easy move was arranged and now Dave has a meeting room and space for an expanded sales team of eight.

In six months, his European team has grown to 16 people and he continues to hire and expand the business, with staff based in a Regus centre in Kiev recently
coming on board as well. Regus has added value in other ways too. It has provided everything from a kettle to brew tea (a rarity in espresso-devoted Spain) for British
visitors to setting up a special bar from which the team can display the brands and let people sample them. Molson Coors also liked Regus’ ability to cross
international boundaries

“My office is in Denver and I have colleagues in Milan and Hong Kong. We use Regus videoconferencing a lot. The time zone changes mean these meetings can take place at 1am and the team always let us in.” With plans to employ another five or six people over the next year, Molson Coors will be using Regus to best effect to make its presence felt”

“Regus is very flexible to our needs – as well as the attraction of being able to grow or get smaller; it provides us with a low-cost and fast set-up. In Spain, I toured three centres and moved into one that afternoon.”

Dave McCarthy, Molson Coors’ Chief Commercial Officer – Europe

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Regus Case Study: Molson Coors International

It’s Easy With a DC Virtual Office from Regus

Let’s say you work west of Bethesda but need a professional business presence in Reston or need to meet with clients in Washington. It’s easy with a Regus Virtual Office. You’ll get a professional business address to call your own, a receptionist to provide unlimited call answering, access to meeting rooms and use of a private office. With 25 DC area locations and 1100 worldwide, Regus is the New Way to Work.

Locate your Business in Manchester

Manchester…‘The birthplace of the industrial revolution and now the economic powerhouse of the north of England’

From its industrial past up to the present day, Manchester has been steeped in economic history and has established itself internationally as a vibrant city, recently ranked as the second best place to do business in the UK.

The city has a thriving legal and financial sector - the latter being the fifth biggest in the UK, outside London – with more than 90,000 people employed in banking, finance and insurance. A testament to this is the newly developed Spinningfields area, which has been heralded as Europe’s new premium financial and professional services destination comparable to Canary Wharf in London and La Defense in Paris.

Regus Manchester Spinningfields

Spinningfields is an award-winning commercial, retail and residential development which extends on to the established and bustling Deansgate area of Manchester city centre. It has been acknowledged as setting new world-class standards for city centre regeneration and consists of 20 signature office buildings set in richly varied streets across a carefully planned six-acre site, including a hotel, a variety of designer and high street stores, cafes and restaurants. This is a design for a modern international city which is both energy-efficient and ecologically sensitive. Manchester is already the city of choice for 65 of the Financial Times Top 100 Companies and this development bears witness to its determination to build on the competitive advantage it has already achieve

As well as having a strong financial sector, the city’s economy thrives in other areas such as: professional services, life sciences, hi-tech industries, creative cultural and media industries, communications and manufacturing. And if that was not enough, Manchester is a fashion and entertainment hotspot, home to two well known football clubs.

So what are you waiting for? Come and start your Manchester adventure in one of our 9 business centres and give your company a new home.

Trivia on Manchester:

  • Frederick Royce met Charles Rolls in Manchester’s Midland Hotel and set up the famous company which bears their names
  • Despite having a market stall in Leeds, Marks and Spencer opened its first store on Stretford Road in Hulme
  • Manchester was the first city to recognise ICT as a priority in economic regeneration and the first to set up a Digital Development Agency
  • In 2010 scientists at the University of Manchester were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for inventing graphene, the world’s thinnest material.
  • The first international art exhibition was held in Manchester in 1857.

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A Tour of Regus Birmingham Victoria Square

Have you considered doing business in the second largest city in the UK?

Regus Birmingham Vistoria Square is located in a refurbished landmark office building in the heart of Birmingham’s central business district, with views across Victoria Square to the historic town hall. The pedestrianised square is often considered to be the centre of Birmingham and is the point from which local road sign distances are measured. It has impressive water fountains, two modern sculptures and a statue of a stern Queen Victoria.

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