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Regus is set to nearly double the number of locations it has in the US to 700.  This growth is being driven by unprecedented demand from businesses of all sizes who want to work in a shared environment.

Regus pioneered the concept of coworking two decades ago and is now used by more than 900,000 businesspeople a day who now have easy access to state of the art facilities.

“Regus is the world’s largest provider of coworking spaces, with 450 in the US alone”

 “Our scale and history gives us a unique insight into the wide variety of business needs. We provide a wide range of coworking environments that match the needs of businesses regardless of their stage of development; from entrepreneurs and small businesses, to workers at the largest global corporations.” 

 —Guillermo Rotman, CEO, Regus, Americas

Shared workspaces allow businesses to achieve flexibility, scalability and significant cost-savings with very little risk.  Regus’ centers are strategically located at high quality locations  around the world.  In addition to coworking spaces, all centers have private offices, meeting rooms, video communication facilities and administrative staff available on a pay-as-you-need basis.

“Businesses of all sizes and from different industries are drawn to our coworking space because of the collaboration and networking opportunities available from being surrounded by their peers”

“The rise of the flexible worker is one of the megatrends of this decade – for tens of millions of people across the US, the traditional office is a thing of the past and coworking is their future”

 —Guillermo Rotman, CEO, Regus, Americas

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